October 12, 2017

About Us

When we work for our clients, we treat every project, and every property with the same care and attention to detail as we would if it were our own.  With a background as former property investors ourselves, we understand what is important to a builder, property developer new home owner – and we approach the work we do through their eyes.

In our years as property investors, we regularly found ourselves disappointed with the quality of clean we encountered from the post construction cleaners we hired, and usually found ourselves re-cleaning work we had paid others to do in order to bring the clean to the correct standard.  Eventually we decided to handle all of the cleaning ourselves – and found it oddly enjoyable.  There is a certain satisfaction we experience in undertaking that last very important phase (post construction cleaning) that transforms a completed construction site into a move-in ready, livable home.

Cleaning seems simple, but in fact it’s really not.  When dealing with high-end finishes in a home, it is important that a house cleaner understand the specific care requirements of materials such a granite, quartz, stainless steel appliances, copper sinks, ceramic cook-tops, wood floors, travertine tile – just to name a few!  Not all cleaners do!  Inexperienced cleaners who lack the appropriate knowledge or expertise often make the mistake of using standard cleaning products on granite counters or other special surfaces, resulting is damage to the finishes.  We make sure the finishes in properties we clean get the TLC and proper care they require.

Post-construction cleaning requires even more of a specialized level of skill and knowledge. Feather dusters and household vacs don’t cut it!  As post construction cleaners, we know all those little nooks and crannies where construction dust and debris tend to hide – we make it disappear so your clients don’t discover it in some hidden corner at some point in time.  We know what it takes to provide a thorough, quality clean that keeps our builders looking good.

After we stepped away from property investing due to a serious illness of a dear family member, we began offering post-construction cleaning and other services to home builders and property developers because, in all honesty, we enjoy what we do and we genuinely enjoy the new residential construction environment. We wanted to use the the skills we acquired over the years as property investors to offer a range of necessary services to home builders and developers, with an emphasis on offering the best value to the client; in addition to professional cleaning, we offer home staging, and during the summer months basic landscaping as well.  We focus of professional service and attention to detail in everything we do, which is what keeps our clients coming back. Our specialty is in offering quality work at an affordable price.  We’d love to be of service to you.

Please contact us at 204-390-8979 to discuss how we can assist you.