January 4, 2018

Design Consultations

We’ll Help You Create a Beautiful Home

“Your work is great.  You have a special talent for transforming a house to making it a warm, inviting home. Thank you for a great job”. ~  Ed Nisby, Nisby Home Renovations

Whether you are looking to make a few minor changes to the aesthetic of your home, or are contemplating a major renovation, our design and styling consultations will help you transform the home you have into the home you love.

We work with home builders, property investors, as well as home owners.  Our private home owner clients range from owners of newly built homes who need assistance in making all the right decisions when it comes to finishes, through home owners seeking to renovation an existing home – regardless of whether that entails opening up walls and moving room layouts around, to simply changes colors, flooring and other styling details.

When it comes to your home’s interior design, the details make all the difference.  Color choices, flooring and lighting styles… all of these details need to be chosen with care to arrive at a look that is well-styled.  When you get these details right, guests walk into your home and say “wow!”  To a homeowner, that’s the highest compliment.

For many homeowners, however, making the design decisions on all of those details can be a little overwhelming. And even those homeowners who feel they can make the decisions on their own are often disappointed to find that the end result is much different than what they envisioned, so they soon end up regretting their choices. When selecting the colors and finishes for your home, getting even one of the details wrong (choosing the wrong paint or flooring color, for instance) means you’ll have to look at your mistake  every day and feel regret.  Our role is to make sure you love the way your home turns out.

For the typical homeowner who is not accustomed to making design choices on a daily basis, it’s easy to make a design mistake or choose the wrong colors. We get calls from homeowners everyday who want us to come in and fix  unfortunate choices they have made.

A consultation with our designers at the start of your interior design project or new home build will help you avoid costly mistakes.  Our consultation fees are remarkably affordable, and will certainly cost you far less than correcting a bad design decision would cost you later on.

If you are renovating, redecorating, or building a brand new home, our design consultation services can help you make the right design decisions with confidence and clarity. Sometimes all it takes is a little guidance from a design professional to take your home from ordinary…. to extraordinarily beautiful.

Our designers will help you get the “wow factor” every homeowner hopes their home will have.  As designers, we have the experience, knowledge, eye for detail and ability to visualize the end result that our clients often do not. You’re already making a substantial investment in building or renovating your home – our role is to help ensure that the finishes, colors and other design details you select enhance your investment.  It typically costs just as much money to make the right design decisions as it does to make the wrong ones. (That unflattering paint color on the wall didn’t cost any less than the perfect color that would have made the room look amazing….). But without the guidance of a well trained eye for design, it’s so easy to get it wrong.  We’re here to make sure you get it right.

Our design consultations consist of a 1 -2 hour visit in your home. Photographs will be taken and our design team will have in depth discussion with you on your tastes, preferences and more to ensure that the design recommendations we make will be right for you.

Following our meeting, you will be provided detailed design and styling recommendations.  If you require our continued involvement after our initial consultation, whether for ongoing design in-put, or project management of the actual renovation, we are happy to continue to be of assistance to you. Our fee will be negotiated at that time according to your needs – but be assured we always keep it affordable.

Whether you have no idea where or how to begin in choosing finishes, colors, or other aesthetic elements for your home, or whether you have an idea but need help tying all the pieces together, we’ll simplify the process for you and help you in making all the right decisions.  We take what is often a difficult process for a homeowner, and make it so much easier by giving you guidance and design advice based on our years of experience and knowledge.

Color Consultations

Color can often be one of the most challenging decisions for you to make when building or renovating your home. We’ll help you determine a color scheme that works for your home, and that you feel comfortable living with on a daily basis.  Color schemes can be determined by the existing furnishings and finishes within the home, or they can be entirely fresh if new finishes or furnishings are being acquired and introduced into the home.

Coordination of finishes, flooring, cabinetry, furniture, window treatments, etc. is essential in order for a design to be truly successful and for your home to look its best.  Not only is it important that there is a harmonious flow of color within the home, but it’s also important that there is a flow of style.  We work with clients and offer design techniques to ensure this flow of style.

Ready to Make Your Home Look Amazing?

We offer varying levels of service, tailored exactly to your needs:  From a one-time design consultation to get you on the right track, to full service interior design, we offer solutions that include design conceptualization, design development, layout and floor plan design, exterior elevation design, design drawings and renderings, product procurement, project management – or anything in between.

We can be involved in as much, or as little, of your design , new-build, or renovation project as you need.  Choose the level of service that’s right for you and the amount of involvement you need from us.

Think hiring a designer is expensive?  Not so!  Our rates are very affordable, and we work with budgets of all sizes to ensure everyone can have access to the services of a designer to help make their home beautiful.  Our service fee is a small price to pay to ensure that your house looks as beautiful as you are imagining it will be. We’ll often save our clients money by ensuring they get the look right the first time, saving them from costly mistakes which require them to re-paint or renovate shortly after they’ve chosen colors or finishes they were unhappy with.

Our design consultations include an in-person meeting with you in your home where recommendations on colors, finishes, materials, products, paint colors, furniture layout, window treatments, and more are made (depending on your needs).

For some clients, a design consultation is a great way to build confidence in a design plan and be given tools and guidance to carry out the plan on their own.

For other clients, it is the jumping off point for a more long term relationship with our design and styling team to create a beautiful space completely customized for you.

We work with budgets of all sizes – every client matters to us!

Call us today to to find out more about how we can help you turn the home you have into the home you LOVE.