June 19, 2017

House Cleaning Winnipeg

House cleaning service WinnipegLuxury service without the luxury price!

We are proud to be the preferred cleaners for some of Winnipeg’s best custom home builders!

Fur-Babies in the Family? We’re Pet-Friendly!

We have a select team of professional house cleaners for a select group of clients.  All of our house cleaners are mature, highly experienced, responsible, reliable, personable, friendly and trustworthy. Each cleaner has agreed to a criminal record check before joining our team. We offer high quality cleaning professionals  and service for private clients throughout all of Winnipeg plus East St.Paul.

Affordable rates. Luxury service without the luxury price!  You’ll be surprised how affordable housecleaning services can be when you book your cleaning services with Best Value Home Services.  Life’s too short to spend doing things you really don’t like to do.  You’re busy – there are better ways for you to spend your time.  Let us do your housework for you!

Client Testimonial:

“The townhouse looks so different now!  Spotless! Thank you so much! Looking forward to your next cleaning visit!”  ~ Alex, Bridgewater (South Winnipeg)


Weekly or bi-weekly cleaning at Affordable Rates

Weekly or bi-weekly cleaning available, prepaid by the month, but no long term contracts required. Custom tailored cleaning to suit your needs.

“You guys are rockstars. You did an awesome job!” – John Andropolis, Director of Operations, Ashley Home Furniture

Housekeeping services include vacuuming, dusting, sweep/mop floor, cleaning toilets, cleaning sinks, cleaning bath tubs/ showers, cleaning pet areas, etc. Can also assist with laundry, de-cluttering, window washing (indoors), or other household tasks upon request.

The average weekly or bi-weekly cleaning takes 3 hours, depending on the size of home and scope of work. Call 204-390-8979 to schedule a walk-though of your home and a needs assessment.

Friendly personalized service. If you require a reliable, responsible house cleaner, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. We hope to have the opportunity to be of assistance to you!



“Thank you so much for all your help. Its been really hard to try to keep my house clean since breaking my shoulder. You have been such a big help.  I love the smell of clean my house has every time you are here!”

~ Kathy, Glengarry Park, East St.Paul

More About Our Service

Our Background:

My husband and I have a long history as property investors.  Throughout the years we have owned several mid to high end rental properties, and we have renovated numerous properties from top to bottom for resale purposes. To rent out a mid range to high end rental property, the home needs to be impeccably clean for prospective tenants.  Similarly, when putting a recently renovated home on the market, it needs to be spotless in order to show well and garner top dollar. Over the years, I found that no one cleaned the homes we were marketing to an adequate standard.

Cleaning seems simple, but in fact it’s really not.  When dealing with high-end finishes in a home, it is important that a house cleaner understand the specific care requirements of materials such a granite, quartz, stainless steel appliances, copper sinks, ceramic cook-tops, wood floors, travertine tile – just to name a few!  Not all cleaners do!  Inexperienced cleaners who lack the appropriate knowledge or expertise often make the mistake of using standard cleaning products on granite counters or other special surfaces, resulting is damage to the finishes.  Whether you have a modest home that you love, or a luxury home with high end finishes, we’ll make sure your home gets the TLC and proper care it deserves.

We also offer post-construction cleaning and are proud to count some of Winnipeg’s finest home builders among our clientele.  We focus of professional service and attention to detail in everything we do, which is what keeps our clients coming back. We offer customized cleaning services  with the intent of offering a luxury service – without the luxury price tag!  The prices some local house cleaning services charge can be quite astronomical; my objective is to deliver the “best value”.  Our specialty is in offering customized cleaning at an affordable price.

“The place looks great! Thank you so much!”
~ Ashley, East St. Paul

Here’s How It Works

After you contact us about our house cleaning services, we come out to do a walk-thru of your home to get a detailed list of everything you want done on each cleaning visit. This is the time for you to advise us of everything you need done throughout your home (you can add to the list at any time in the future, if necessary).

We’ll then proceed with the first cleaning.  This first cleaning may take slightly longer than your regular weekly (or bi-weekly) cleaning visits, as it is often more of a “deep cleaning”, getting into all the ‘nooks and crannies’, whereas the regular ongoing cleaning visits are more about “maintenance cleaning”.  It is not uncommon for the first cleaning to take around 25% longer than your regular ongoing weekly maintenance cleanings will require.

With the more intensive cleaning session out of the way, your second cleaning visit will allow us to establish exactly hour many hours are required to clean your home to your specific requirements.  As long as the requirements remain the same each week, and the scope of work is not altered, going forward the rate is the same each week, and you will be charged a flat rate.   This is important because it ensures that the person cleaning your home delivers the value we are known for – you never pay for extra hours because someone is working slower than expected.  Once your weekly flat rate is established, it doesn’t change – unless you decide to change the scope of the work.

I check in with you frequently, to ensure that we are meeting your requirements and that you are satisfied with our performance. I also always welcome your feedback if there is something you feel we could be doing better.

Payment Terms

Payment for the first cleaning is made immediately upon completion, billed at our very competitive hourly rate.  We accept cash of e-transfer as method of payment. We promise you won’t find a lower hourly rate for professional, dependable house cleaners you can trust to do a meticulous job!  Payment for your regularly scheduled ongoing cleaning visits are also due immediately upon completion.

Your Scheduled Cleaning Visits

Once you engage us as your cleaners we will place you onto our schedule and clean your home on the same day each week, at the same general time of day.  Because we clean multiple homes a day, and sometimes have to contend with with traffic delays as we drive from one location to the next, we will arrive within the same time window (general within a 2 hour window) for each visit, but the exact time can vary slightly.

Its your option whether you choose to be at home during your cleaning visit.  Most of our clients are away at work when we are cleaning their home, and they either provide us with a key (or leave it in a safe location somewhere on the property, such as a lock-box), or door code.  If there is a security system, clients either provide us with the alarm code, or have us phone them when we arrive so that they can remotely disarm the alarm (this is only effective if the client is always reachable by cell phone at all times).


We are entirely pet-friendly.  As animal lovers and responsible pet-parents ourselves, we take great care to ensure that your pets remain safe and secure in their home as we come and go.  We always exercise caution when entering and exiting (in case of door-bolting!).  If you are aware that one of your pets is inclined to dash through doors, please do let us know in advance so that we can be extra careful for that.  We are sensitive to the fact that we are in your pet’s home, and we always ensure to put your pet at ease and be as least disruptive to your furry family members as possible when cleaning.


“You’ve done a really good job. Really appreciate it. Your rate is beyond reasonable for the service you provide, so I’ve included a bonus for a job very well done”.

~  Evan, East St.Paul

Ready to Schedule a Walk Through?

We’d love to be of service to you.  Call us to arrange a walk-through of your home to assess your cleaning needs.



“Thanks  for another really great clean, and for the great rates! Its so hard to find skilled cleaners – we went through so many before we found your company, but you’ve been giving us some really nice cleans. Thank you”.

~  Wendy, Eagle Custom Homes

Our Clients:

In addition to servicing home owners, our cleaning clients include:  Home builders, property developers, real estate agents, property managers, tenants, renovation companies, some well recognized public figures (sorry, we won’t name drop!) – and the owners of commercial cleaning companies…  Yes, we are the cleaners that other professional cleaners choose to clean their homes!

Our Services:

We provide residential weekly and bi-weekly cleanings; move in/ move out cleanings; one-time cleans; deep-cleans; cleaning/ de-cluttering; styling homes in preparation for re-sale; cleaning and styling show homes for custom home builders; post-construction cleaning for residential builders, property developers and renovation companies; and estate cleaning and clearing.


Terms and Conditions

For One-Time Cleans, payment is due immediately upon receipt of invoice at time of completed clean. For regularly weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, payment for the first cleaning is made immediately upon completion, billed at our very competitive hourly rate.  Payment for your regularly ongoing scheduled cleaning visits are paid in advance by the month. also due immediately upon completion. We accept cash or e-transfer as method of payment for regular residential cleaning visits. Any quality issues are to be reported by client to Best Value Home Services within 24 hours of the completed clean.  A service charge will apply if cleaners arrive for a scheduled clean and are not able to proceed with the clean due to cancellation.  A minimum of 12 hours notice should be provided  in writing (text or email) for cancelled visits or a service charge will apply.



Additional Residential Cleaning Services We Offer:

Post-Construction Cleaning

Move In/ Move Out Cleaning