August 9, 2017

Our Landscaping Portfolio

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Pritchard Farm in East St.Paul.  Landscaping design (including pool design and positioning), sod installation, and patio design and installation by Best Value Home Services, Winnipeg


We designed and built this two-level patio (a ground level patio and raised stone terrace connected by steps) featuring Dynasty block and Pisa stone at a home in Pritchard Farm (East St.Paul). The advantage of a stone terrace as opposed to a deck is that is it maintenance free (no boards to replace, no wood to stain).

North Kildonan Yard Make Over: “Before”….

BEFORE:  Rockscaping gone wrong…. This North Kildonan yard was a maintenance nightmare and visual disaster. The previous owners installed rockscaping (the wrong way), and then failed to maintain it. It may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but it was all executed incorrectly.  Much of the back yard resembled a gravel pit that was being overtaken by weeds 🙁

The Transformation Process in Progress…

DURING: We removed the unwanted rock, got rid of the weeds, did some light re-grading work, brought in fresh top soil and laid fresh sod…  Though it can’t be seen from this photo, we also re-purposed some side walk pavers from elsewhere in the yard to create a properly paved path between the house and garage/ driveway (visible in photo below).


After: The yard was transformed into an easy to maintain, tranquil, pretty and peaceful place for the home owners to enjoy and relax in.

Another Before Shot…

This photo shows the walkway area before we re-paved it with re-purposed pavers from another part of the yard (as seen from a different vantage point in the previous photo). The photo below shows the repurposed pavers going in – a huge improvement over walking on uneven stones amidst a jungle of weeds…

The client asked us to re-purpose some pavers they had in another part of the yard to create a proper landing off their deck, and sidewalk leading to the driveway (another sidewalk, not yet installed in this photo, led to the garage door seen at right). We are always happy to work with clients on coming up with cost-saving solutions, including re-using what they already have where possible.


The sidewalk built from the client’s repurposed pavers is in, but we were still hard at work completing other elements of the yard makeover…


More photos from this project coming soon….


East St.Paul Front Yard Makeover…

Hard at work in Pritchard Farm, in the early stages of transforming a dead lawn disaster (after a serious cinch bug infestation) into a stunning corner lot focal point.

We seeded the lawn, and it came in lush, thick and green. Yes, this is a SEEDED lawn (during the first season, no less) – not sod.  We also designed and installed a large flower bed at the same time we seeded the lawn, creating a great focal point on this beautiful corner lot.


Flower Bed Design Winnipeg

Here is another photo from a different vantage point.  The large flower bed we installed includes a small ornamental tree, day lilies (not yet in bloom in the photo), and is bordered by Hostas. This photo was taken the season after the installation.  Since that time the plants have really flourished, and we’ve added some tall ornamental grasses and a hydrangea bush – recent photo coming soon.


More Photos of our Work on the Way! 
Our online portfolio is a work in progress… check back soon for more photos,
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