September 22, 2017

Post Construction Cleaning

Post-Construction Cleaning Winnipeg

We Offer Highly Specialized Post-Construction Cleaning in Winnipeg at Competitive Rates.

What Our Clients Say About Our Post Construction Cleaning Services

“You guys are rockstars! You did an awesome job.  I’m really happy we went with you for the post-construction cleaning requirements. We considered other providers but we got a really good feeling about you when we met with you, and we made the right decision.  Everything has been done to  perfection, you didn’t miss a thing. You’ve been great to work with and very accommodating to our needs.”

– John Andromodis, Operations Director, Ashley Home Furniture

Professional, Dependable Post-Construction Cleaning in Winnipeg at Competitive Rates

We are proud to be a preferred service provider to some of Winnipeg’s premiere home builders.

Our Winnipeg Post-Construction Cleaning Service is available for home builders, developers, property investors and  and renovation companies, as well as private home owners who have completed renovations or a new home build. We service Winnipeg and the immediately surrounding area.

We Turn Your Job Site Into a Spotlessly Clean, Move-In Ready Home

We understand that our job is that last important step in the building process that transforms a construction site into a move-in ready home; we take great pride in that, and in doing our work well.  We handle your post construction cleaning project with the same level of care and attention to detail as if it was our own.

We have extensive experience in cleaning and detailing high-end homes, and the necessary knowledge of the right cleaning methods, products and procedures for high end finishes like granite, marble, travertine, copper sinks, stainless steel appliances, wood floors, etc. Using standard cleaning products on some high end features can damage finishes – and we make sure to come armed with all the right products and tools to do a quality job.

But, no job is too big or too small.  Whether you are a high end home builder in Winnipeg, or a private owner of a small home you have recently remodeled, all of our clients are important to us.  We give each project we work on the same level of TLC.

Specialized Expertise Tailored to Post-Construction Cleaning

Post-construction cleanup has a particular set of demands that a typical residential cleaner is often not prepared for or capable of performing well.  We’ve heard stories of cleaners showing up with their “feather dusters” and light weight residential vacuum cleaners on post constructions cleaning sites!  That isn’t the way to transform a construction site into a move-in ready home. We know what is involved in post-construction cleaning and we come equipped with the right tools, equipment and SKILL SET to get the job done right.  Painters, dry wall installers, plumbers, stone masons, electricians, and general contractors do minimal clean up after their job is done, leaving the remaining construction dust and other debris behind for someone else to clean up.  That’s where we come in.

Here’s What We Do:

Sweep, vacuum, mop all floors
Dust all baseboards.
Clean all window glass (indoors)*
Clean inside and outside of all cabinets.
Dust all counters and ledges.
Clean all bathrooms including bathroom fixtures, mirrors, cabinets (inside and out), counters, floors.
Dust window sills
Dust light fixtures.
Dust and polish all appliances.
Clean all sinks and faucets
Dust all light switch plates and remove finger prints
Dust all moldings and frames
Vacuum and dust interior closets
We are happy to accommodate your special requirements or requests.

Terms and Conditions

Standard Procedure Notes: 

  • All cleaning equipment & supplies will be furnished by us.
  • Standard service includes cleaning to a maximum height of 8 ft. above floor. An extra charge applies if volume areas are required.
  • Wall dusting is included  in areas where required, however, it is typically not required throughout the entire home; if more than average wall dusting is required, or if required on all walls in the home, an additional charge may apply.
  • *Interior windows will be cleaned of dust and wiped with glass cleaner to a maximum of 8 feet as part of our standard service. Windows higher than 8 feet but not exceeding 10 feet will entail an extra charge (ladder fee). Windows exceeding 10 feet in height may be beyond the scope of our standard service and require a separate visit and additional charge.
  • Exterior windows are not within the scope of work but can negotiated at an additional charge for single story dwellings. For dwellings two storeys or more, a separate visit should be scheduled and will be billed separately.
  •  An additional note about windows, glass and other high-gloss surfaces: We are very skilled post-construction cleaners, but we are not magicians – some construction products such as powerful adhesives or abrasive cement-based products can cause permanent clouding, scratching or other undesirable effects on glass and other shiny surfaces which cleaning may not be able to remedy. Your trades should take care to protect glass ad other at-risk surfaces when working with abrasive compounds or other potentially damaging construction by-products.
  • We will remove a reasonable amount of building by-products from windows, floors, etc. within our standard fee. However, if windows, floors or plumbing fixtures require removal of more than nominal amounts of caulking, drywall compound, glue paint or any other building by-products above and beyond typical drywall dust, an extra charge may apply due to the extremely time consuming nature of going after individual spots and messes.

Additional Cleaning Services that are not typically included in our basic price per square foot price quotations, but can be added at an additional charge:

Washing exterior glass on windows
Cleaning window screens
Debris Removal
Garage Cleaning
Shop-vac and mop un-finished basement
Waterless Cleaning (if sinks do not supply running water and drains are not operational at the time of the scheduled clean, an additional fee for waterless cleaning will apply due to the additional time, labor and specialized products required for waterless cleaning).
We offer post-construction cleaning in Winnipeg and the immediately surrounding area. Additional fee for mileage and time may apply for locations outside the city limits (depending on distance).

We will gladly oblige with any additional special requests where ever possible, billed at an additional cost.

Payment Terms

Payment is due immediately upon receipt of invoice at time of completed clean. Any quality issues are to be reported by client to Best Value Home Services within 24 hours of the completed clean.  All trades should be off the property at the time of the clean.  A call-out charge (service charge) will apply if cleaners arrive for a scheduled clean and are not able to proceed with the clean due to unfinished construction or for any other reason.

Please note that we may update these Terms and Conditions at any time, without notice, and you should review these Terms and Conditions from time to time.  Your continued use of our services shall be deemed irrevocable acceptance of any such revisions.

Let us perform that important last step in transforming your construction site into a spotlessly clean livable home!

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